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I do lots of different things.


I'm an electronic musician, classical pianist, classical-contemporary composer, singer and some-time church musician. I often write arrangements of Celtic and other traditional folk music.

I have strong feelings about pianistic style, specifically pedalling and the technique of early 20th century virtuosos. This has lead me to analyse vintage recordings of pianists such as Rachmaninov in order to study, and attempt to emulate, their technique.

I sometimes combine my love of technology and music.

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I'm a professional web developer, Linux devotee, and all-round nerd. I get excited about truth tables, UX design, and highly configurable systems (hello, KDE).

I occasionally find myself delving deep into the guts of Unix, and I enjoy trying to automate things - even if I don't always succeed.

I'm interested in artistic applications of technology such as natural language processing and audio analysis. In my free time I design, build and maintain various personal websites, including this one.

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