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2017-08-29On inspiration, originality & the creative process

In recent times, a number of people have compared my music to Philip Glass. Specifically, they have compared my first truly minimalist piano work, the Berceuses suite, to Philip Glass.

I love Philip Glass and to be compared to him is a great compliment, but I am not writing this post in order to brag. Nor am I writing this post to correct those who have made the comparison, although the Berceuses are only superficially similar to Glass.

Rather, I’m writing this in order to...

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2015-01-01A cocktail of languages

For a long time I’ve been meaning to write something about my language learning process and never really managed it. Rather than talking about my procrastination I think I’ll just cut straight to the point this time.

I’m kind of in love with languages of all kinds, natural, programming, musical…every time I discover a new one, I want to learn it. I was developing a ridiculously long list of languages I wanted to learn, so a year ago...

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2014-12-09Memorising pi

I have a thing for memorising strings of numbers. I’ve committed numerous card/account/phone numbers to memory, and that’s useful as it saves having to check every time the number is needed for something. But recently I embarked on an exercise in numerical memorisation which has no practical application whatsoever.

I’ve read about people memorising so-and-so digits of pi and it always struck me as one of those...

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