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2015-01-01A cocktail of languages

For a long time I’ve been meaning to write something about my language learning process and never really managed it. Rather than talking about my procrastination I think I’ll just cut straight to the point this time.

I’m kind of in love with languages of all kinds, natural, programming, musical…every time I discover a new one, I want to learn it. I was developing a ridiculously long list of languages I wanted to learn, so a year ago... read entire post

2014-12-09Memorising pi

I have a thing for memorising strings of numbers. I’ve committed numerous card/account/phone numbers to memory, and that’s useful as it saves having to check every time the number is needed for something. But recently I embarked on an exercise in numerical memorisation which has no practical application whatsoever.

I’ve read about people memorising so-and-so digits of pi and it always struck me as one of those... read entire post

2014-11-09Bots as a creative outlet

I spent 4 hours today hanging around on IRC and watching a livestream of nerds discussing twitter bots. It was fabulous.

Bot Summit 2014 has reminded me to write down some of my own thoughts on bots. If it had occurred to me at the time (and I hadn’t lost my voice), I might have... read entire post