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While spring cleaning my computer recently, I discovered a short loop I created long ago as part of the soundtrack for my game,Glade. The loop lasted for about 20 seconds and I had given the Ableton Live file for it the temporary name of 'treesong', because this was the loop that would be played when you approached the strange alien trees in my game. I ended up never using it because I had too many other, conflicting layers of sound in the game.
On rediscovering this loop, I was inspired to turn it into something more. The result is a little different to my usual work, as I normally stick to synthesised sounds, quantise everything to digitally aligned perfection and avoid vocals outside of Irish trad.
However, for this piece, I decided to go for something more raw and analog. Parts of the percussion were sampled from sounds made with bits of local trees, bringing the idea full circle to the original 'treesong' from my game. This was unplanned, as I just picked up whatever objects were close at hand and started banging them together.
If you listen closely to the lyrics you'll noticed it's also a moonsong, which is oddly fitting to the otherwordly, spacey landscape of Glade.