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This song is dedicated to everyone whose future has been stolen from them by chronic illness.

There is so much of transcendence
That I haven't got to know yet
As the universe is endless
And my will to live relentless,
My soul is restless

Why's it so hard to let go
of all the ways I want to grow?
All the inner fire wasted
All the pleasures never tasted
I won't know

There's so much to stay alive for
There are people I would die for
Rules to break and dreams to reach for
Have I lived enough already to make up for… ?

I'm not ready to die

After everything I've been through
I have learnt what really matters and it's you
and every lifeform on this miracle of nature, green and blue

Even though I've lost so much
I still can't believe my luck
I've been granted many blessings
Never take for granted anything

And I know I've left it all
All the aspirations of yore
And I know to let them go
All the places I would go
I won't go