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Lullaby of broken hearts

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During late 2010/early 2011 I worked furiously at this 17-track atrocity in Garageband, which ended up being practise for juggling a whole orchestra in Sibelius. I started this piece first, but was still working on it when I started to write my orchestral suite ('Time Capsule'). In a way, I consider Lullaby of Broken Hearts (acronym LOBH) to be my first foray into serious composition (by which I mean, considered and planned musical writing. Of course I 'wrote' music before that.)

Because I love the material in this piece and it marks my first attempt at composing seriously, I have since tried again and again to incorporate the material into conventional classical pieces. I've tried orchestrating it several times, turning it into a piano concerto, a piano solo...the only vaguely succesfull attempt was 3rd movement of my piano trio, which I like, but which doesn't convey what the original does. In the end I realised LOBH only worked in its electronic form. There's just one problem though...

Somehow, in the process of chopping up and manipulating Garageband drum loops, I managed to get a loop that was not quite a full bar in length. As a result, all the rhythms are slightly lopsided. This made recording all 17 tracks on top of the drum loops an absolute nightmare, and believe it or not, at the time I had no idea a faulty loop was to blame. I just thought I either had a terrible sense of rhythm or the midi input was laggy.

Anyway, when I finally discovered the problem, there was no way I was going to re-record everything (I can't even remember how to play it now). When I listened to some of the tracks separately, they were a rhythmic mess, but with all 17 playing at once the texture was so dense you'd barely notice the fault (unless you play it along with a metronome or you happen to be a percussionist.) I'm still hideously embarrassed by this failing though, especially in the point 3/4s of the way through with the very exposed, squawky metally riffs which were practically impossible to get together even with garageband's auto-alignment function switched on. That bit sounds absolutely awful, but I can't get rid of it; firstly, I generally refuse to revise old works, and secondly, it's part of the structure of the piece.