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Piano Trio - I

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I started writing the first movement of the Piano Trio during the Melbourne International Chamber Music competition in July 2011, which I was listening to on the radio with great interest. I've never actually liked the piano trio genre (piano, cello and violin) much, aside from Ravel's trio. I think it's a slightly odd combination of instruments. but listening to MICMC inspired me and I wanted to write something really technical and inspired by the rhythms and riffs of heavy metal to some extent. (unfortunately I think the technicality may have made it almost unplayable for the cello and violin, but as the only instrument I play is the piano I can't judge...)

At the beginning of 2012 I came up with a melody which formed the basis for the 2nd movement of the trio, with similar kind of influences but more lyrical. The 3rd movement is largely based on a rock song I wrote at the start of 2011; and the 4th movement is sort of a development on some of the themes in the other movements, and a further exploration of the techniques I used in the second half of the 1st movement. It's also influenced a little by my growing interest in minimalism.

This is the 1st movement. Although most of the piece is meant to be as strict and rythmic as possible, at one point I added a contrasting ad libitum section and the full effect doesn't come across in sibelius playback, which is somewhat limited :( I also still can't get sibelius to play back directions for spiccato, so there are some fast spiccato sections in the strings in the second half which still sound like pizzicato.