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Piano Trio - II

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This is the 2nd movement of the piano trio I started writing in the middle of 2011. It actually started out as a song with piano accompaniment. I'm not very good at writing songs/lyrics though, and at some point it occurred to me it could form the basis for the 2nd movement of the piano trio (at that point it only consisted of a few bars of the melody with accompaniment and the first theme in the piano part.) So I gave the melody to the violin and it just grew from there.

This movement was inspired partly by traditional english/irish folk music, as well as the heavy metal influences that were present in the first movement.

The Sibelius output on this track sounds really horrible in my opinion (the melody in the beggining should be really expressive and with lots of rubato.) Also, most of the stuff that sounds like pizzicato in the strings is meant to be spiccato (mostly the semiquaver passages which would probably be unplayable if they were pizz.) because stupid sibelius won't play back my directions for spiccato :|