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Piano Trio - III

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This movement is a re-work of some old material from a sort of rock/metal song I wrote in Garageband at the begginning of 2011, and it was quite a challenge reducing the original 17 tracks down to be playable by just three instruments - I had to make a few compromises. I ended up adding to or changing so much of the material that the only part that remains completely true to the original is the first 'chorus' (0:47 - 1:32) This was what I intended, as I wanted to expand substantially on the initial themes.

Unfortunately Sibelius won't play back the dynamics in the last part (3:56 onwards) properly. The piano part is meant to be 'piano', but Sibelius ignored my markings and kept playing it back 'forte'. So you'll just have to imagine it quieter :(