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Claudio Merulo (1553-1604): Adoramus Te

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The reason for this historically incorrect performance of renaissance choral music on a modern piano is that I wanted to use it as an example in my list of music containing the chord progression of resignation.

This piece was part of a concert programme my choir did, and of all the pieces we learnt, this was my favorite. The beginning was haunting me, and at some point it occurred to me to test whether it used the aforementioned chord progression, considering the feeling I got from it. Even though I suspected it, I was still surprised when the progression in the first few bars turned out to be Im, VI, IVm, Im.
I could have JUST recorded those bars for my example list, but I love the whole piece so much I thought I'd share all of it.

p.s. my mother, a talented soprano and tenor (yes you read that correctly) recorded a no less historically incorrect, but considerably more beautiful rendition of this piece in which she sang the tenor part up the octave while I played the other parts at normal pitch on organ. You can find it here