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Rachmaninov: Piano concerto 2, mvt 2, solo

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I found this recording while spring cleaning my computer recently. I don't remember making it, but it's evident that I put a huge amount of effort into it. My goal in making solo recordings of major piano works like this (I've done it a few times in the past) was always to cement - to set in stone, if you will - the interpretation I wanted to strive for. At the time I made this recording, I probably thought it was quite bad, but now with some distance from it (and having not had the opportunity to learn or perform anything this challenging for a very long time), I can see just how well I achieved that goal. Yes, I had to splice parts of it. Yes, it doesn't flow very well as a result. But that wasn't the point of the recording. The point was to prove to myself that I could play an entire movement of a piano concerto in the vintage style I admire...and I did that!