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Piano recital
October 15th 2017

  • A studio recording of this work can be heard here.

  • A studio recording of this work can be heard here.

  • A studio recording of this work can be heard here. The live performance features an ossia stave at 3:55, which is not present on the studio recording.

  • I am a huge admirer of Rachmaninov's playing and aspire to the same crystal clarity and dextrous navigation of texture that can be heard in his playing. To prepare for this performance I listened to Rachmaninov's own recording of this piece on repeat for several days before the concert. I was particularly eager to perform this piece on an instrument built during Rachmaninov's lifetime, as it produces a tone similar to that of the pianos Rachmaninov would have played.

  • Piano 4 hands duet. Primo: Dorothea Baker, Secondo: Stephen Kerr

A selection of works recorded at a concert held by myself and my former piano teacher Stephen Kerr. All are performed by me, with the exception of the Ravel where Stephen joins me at the keyboard.

About the piano

The piano played in this concert is over a century old. Built by Berlin piano makers J. L. Duysen in 1914, it is an exquisitely crafted instrument and remains in remarkably good condition.

Pianos built during the early 20th century had a warmer, mellower tone than the pianos of today. This makes them ideal for romantic and impressionistic repetoire, and provides insight into how composers of the time would have heard their music. I feel very privileged to have performed Ravel and Rachmaninov on a period instrument.