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Downloadable sheet music and associated files (i.e. performance notes) for some of my compositions are available on this page. Scores are in PDF format and multiple files are supplied as a ZIP.

All scores are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

If you perform/record any of these works, I would love to hear about it! You can contact me here.

Mass setting No.2

An easy-to-learn English setting of the eucharist suitable for singing in either harmony or unison, with or without a choir, and with either piano or organ accompaniment.

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The Lord's Prayer

A simple, contemporary-sounding setting written for ease of singing by a congregation of non-musicians.

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Modern, slightly wistful arrangement of the much-loved hymn 'Morning has broken', suitable for singing in 4 parts and accompanying on keyboard.

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Last verse harmonisation of 'Let all mortal flesh keep silence' for church organ

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Descant & last verse harmonisation of 'Be thou my vision' for organ, congregation/choir and soprano/s

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Three in One

Short, 3 verse SATB anthem written for Trinity Sunday.

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Erbarm dich mein - chorale

SATB setting of 3 verses of Psalm 51, in German. Based on a chorale tune, the harmony is sparse and pure, intended to convey a sense of ancientness. Suitable for Lent and sombre occasions.

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Wexford Carol

Arrangement of a traditional Irish christmas carol for voice+piano. Available in high and low keys for different voice types.

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She's like the swallow

Setting of the words of a traditional folk song for SAATB+piano.

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Trichotomy Suite

A 3 movement solo piano suite inspired by elements of the Requiem Mass. The longer middle movement meanders through different styles and is framed by two shorter, pentatonic movements that are slightly unplayable.

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Mass setting No.1

For large choir and organ. Very high, very challenging, maybe even impossible; I wrote it as pure art rather than for performance. All movements except the Gloria (English) are in Latin.

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