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The Prophecy

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During the Christmas day service at my church this year (2017), I was listening to the reading of Isaiah 9:2 (the Old Testament prophecy of Jesus' birth) and immediately heard the first two lines set to music in my head. When I got home I started writing it down. It's a grand, challenging 8-part anthem for a large SSAATTBB choir, which I don't have at my disposal, sadly.

For the recording, I decided the usual Sibelius synthesis wasn't going to cut it. So I multitracked myself singing the choral parts (assisted by the Sibelius sound library on the parts that are too low for me) and combined organ synths from Sibelius and Garageband to produce a more desirable registration. I'm an alto, so I really struggled with the high soprano notes and it shows. Sorry!

Score can be downloaded here.