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Twitter bots

What is a Twitter bot?

A Twitter bot is an automated twitter account operated via a computer program.

Although some Twitter bots are used for spam, there is a large community of bot-makers who create Twitter bots with a humorous, artistic, political or even functional intent (an example of the last would be a bot that tells you the weather when you tweet at it).

I and many others have found making Twitter bots to be a great way to experiment with code and learn new things.

Some of my favorite bots that I've made are listed below. You can find a full list of my bots here.

Some of these bots don't tweet anymore, as maintaining them became too difficult.

unconfusion bot

international time & temperature demystifier

once upon a quine

a bot that very slowly tweets itself line by line


computer-generated conlang

generated seascapes


text glitcher

dreamy winter scenes